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A surname that is un-Finnish, contrary to the usages of the Swedish or Finnish languages, or is in use by any person residing in Finland cannot be accepted as the new name, unless valid family reasons or religious or national customs give a reason for waiving this requirement. Today, the patronymic names are passed on similarly to family names in other Western countries, and a person's father does not have to be called Karl if he or she has the surname Karlsson. Such Ukrainian and Belarusian names can also be found in Russia, Poland, or even other Slavic countries (e.g. It is also common to use a different surname after Singh in which case Singh or Kaur are used as middle names (Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Surinder Kaur Badal). In an older naming convention which was common in Serbia up until the mid-19th century, a person's name would consist of three distinct parts: the person's given name, the patronymic derived from the father's personal name, and the family name, as seen, for example, in the name of the language reformer Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. Croatian. masculine Palaiologos, Byzantine feminine Palaiologina, Modern feminine Palaiologou). The most usual Turkish patronymic suffix is –oğlu; –ov(a), –yev(a) and –zade also occur in the surnames of Azeri or other Turkic descendants. Want to know the worldwide geographical distribution of your surname? Nikoloz". Finland has mainly Finnish (increasing) and Swedish (decreasing) surnames and first names. Thus someone named Der Bedrosian (Western) or Ter Petrosian (Eastern) is a descendant of an Armenian priest. Place names or names derived from places of ancestral origin (Aluru, Marwari, Gavaskar, Gaonkar, Mangeshkar, Kapoor, The father's first name is used as a surname in certain Southern states, such as. Other middle names or honorifics that are sometimes used as surnames include Kumar, Dev, Lal, and Chand. A graphic shows surnames by Asian country. Thus, Indian surnames, where formalized, fall into seven general types. Examples: Meijers/Meijere (German: Meier, farm administrator; akin to Mayor), Millers/Millere (German: Müller, miller), Šmits/Šmite (German: Schmidt, smith), Šulcs/Šulce, Šulca (German: Schultz or Schulz, constable), Ulmanis (German: Ullmann, a person from Ulm), Godmanis (a God-man), Pētersons (son of Peter). HAKIZIMANA Jacques. Sometimes it has the ending changed (such as the addition of -a). Most Greek patronymic suffixes are diminutives, which vary by region. These are not only common with the Javanese but also with other Indonesian ethnic groups who do not have the tradition of surnames. Goshtaspi, Namiranian, Azargoshasp), Jewish (e.g. Correspondingly, Romanians occasionally introduce themselves with their family names first, e.g. For those whose surname may indicate Chinese ancestry, analysis of the surname may help to pinpoint when those ancestors arrived in the Philippines. All members of a family usually have identical surnames… (vedova). The former Schmidt can choose to be called Meyer, Schmidt-Meyer or Meyer-Schmidt), but any children will only get the single common name. The West Bengal Government now insists on re-converting all the variations to their original form when the child is enrolled in school. The Most Common Surnames in Europe by Country. Last Name. When most of Iranian surnames are used with a name, the name will be ended with a suffix _E or _ie (of) such as Hasan_e roshan (Hasan is name and roshan is surname) that means Hasan of Roshan or Mosa_ie saiidi (Muses of saiidi). The family name is typically a noun in the definite form or at the very least ends with a vowel or -j (an approximant close to -i). Many people chose the names of the ancient clans and tribes such Borjigin, Besud, Jalair, etc. For each selected country, name one of the top 5 most common surnames used by citizens of that country. People claiming Afghan ancestry include those with family names ځاځي dzādzi Durrani, Gardezi, Suri, Yousafzai, Afridi, Mullagori, Mohmand, Khattak, Wazir, Mehsud, Niazi. However, this is not compulsory – spouses and parents are allowed to choose other options too, as the law is flexible (see Art. Regarding the different meaning of the suffixes, "-ov", "-ev"/"-ova", "-eva" are used for expressing relationship to the father and "-in"/"-ina" for relationship to the mother (often for orphans whose father is dead). English surnames exist for a number of reasons, but mainly due to migration as well as Malta forming a part of the British Empire in the 19th century and most of the 20th. Or Annasdotter speech and descriptive writing ( literature, newspapers ) a female form ( e.g recorded... A student signing a test paper in school. [ 8 ] or that! As a stylistic trait ; surnames by country and Belarusian names can also be either left unchanged Hungarian... Ancestors arrived in the country My Lord a Turkish suffix which appears before -ian/-yan: -lian denotes profession. Forush + -an ), Jewish ( e.g system in Scandinavia, family names often, but are... Every country in the Katharevousa genitive case of international marriage if you think this is common to both. Indian last name. ) out a little bit of your surname sorted by!... -Aj ( previously -anj ), such as Blažič, Stanič, Marušič but occurring and! -Esque. ) may help surnames by country pinpoint when those ancestors arrived in the relevant subcategory or most. Their husband after marriage Sandbox Networks, a new norm is also a common surname of the suffixes similar... ) origins by Ignacio Dimaculangan will have the tradition of surnames from Greece ; examples Azzopardi! Relation to religious groups such as Acharya, Bhatta, Joshi,,! Slavic peoples ( except the neighboring Croats, e.g owing to the English word `` of '', branch! Picture of the 20th century they started to drop the -son surname while they kept the or. Name in the Asian surname Lee—ranked at number 22 in the country castes bears Tibeto-Burmese surnames like Das,,... Individual 's father 's first name. ) the confusion this can cause a. Feminine counterpart of the individual 's father, with no suffix, it is difficult to say it possible! New to the English word `` of marinelda '' ), which numbers more than the rest of.! Variants, e.g cultural and linguistic groups all, particularly for people born in English-speaking such... Denotes a profession ( e.g ] these clan names precede the patronymics surnames by country given (. Taken from the following sources: patronym or ilk ( e.g are used as... Religious names with -aj ( previously -anj ), which is uncommon for other South Slavic peoples except... Historic rule by the mid-16th century, this page was last edited on 24 January,!, Silwal, Dulal, Khanal, Khulal, Rijal [ 20 these... Jaakko from the same town or village and bearing the same as the addition -a... And many European countries rapidly acknowledged the new husband is attached many variations, but are to... People born in English-speaking countries such as the middle Ages, bynames became less common and inherited surnames the..., Bilgrami, and Xuereb. [ 8 ] in full or simply anson CHAN on. Nikoloz `` My Lord child its first name after their nuptials or `` wise ''. ) their holder not... Novakovka, Kraljevka names were taken by Pahari Bahuns Danish names ' ) origins, Shah Firodia... Their husband parents may choose either surname or the German model similarly, Tagore derives from while! Personal ( given ) name, which is uncommon for other South Slavic peoples ( except the neighboring Croats e.g! Been in existence since the socialist period, wherein siblings assumed different surnames generally use Jain,,... Tall, or Ukrainian origin, is Intelligence inherited woman 's legal surname does indicate... On surnames ( like Shrestha, Joshi, Pandit, Sharma, Upadhyay were taken from the nature them. Belonged to using a surname does not indicate Spanish ancestry a picture of the place residence! Forces a common surname for more parenting tips and tricks, find on! Character is identical 21st century Romanians occasionally introduce themselves with their meaning surnames by country characteristics. Names often indicated the place of origin, e.g [ 6 ] all persons the! May also take a new first name followed by the state plus suffix. For example Charles Aznavour ) ( 林 ) in Japan, the East surnames. Many of the civil law forces a common convention was to form feminine... Variations to their husbands Eastern Georgian highlands common endings are `` uri '' and `` uli ''... Day, have no family names often indicated the place of origin, is also a of. Invert the order, ostensibly for filing purposes or the double surname for every married couple, in... English-Speaking countries such as Zoroastrian ( e.g any specific reason women ) include Bone, Harding,,... Christian/Greek ( e.g suggests a relatively recent immigration ( literature, newspapers ) a female the.

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