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Related links. Fill in your personal information in fields below to proceed. Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) is quick to point out that the Internet is an excellent tool to help students access their distance learning classes during the pandemic. Abu Dhabi: Police have issued a reminder to residents, urging them to avail of the service that allows them to pay off traffic fines in installments with interest-free monthly payments. Fill in your personal information in fields below to proceed. ITC calls on drivers to register for toll gate ahead of 2nd January, 2021, activation – WAM Abu Dhabi Police © All Rights Reserved. Abu Dhabi Police application provides services for the public users containing: - Traffic profile - Traffic tickets - Reserved plates - Registered plates - Traffic updates - Police station locations - Emergency calls - Abu Dhabi police news - Contact social police - And other helpful functions Live Chat × − + “Ahead of Toll System activation, an SMS with account login detail will be sent to their mobile number, as registered with Abu Dhabi Police,” it says. Sign in for a personalized experience, access to My Locker, documents, continue services and so much more. The toll system will automatically exempt these categories from paying toll if their vehicles are registered in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Police app to adds urgent alert feature Feature will alert motorists about traffic congestion and disruptive weather Published: January 09, 2021 17:25 Gulf News Report Abu Dhabi Police Vision: To ensure that Abu Dhabi remains a safe and secure society by providing high quality policing services to the citizens, residents and visitors of the Emirate. TECH LICENSE Abu Dhabi as a "Tech Hub" is aiming to attract existing and new technologies and provide all required support for start-ups and scale-up … Find Abu Dhabi Government Entities' contact information and available services on TAMM Tajer Abu Dhabi is a service allows the country’s citizens and residents to issue a trade license without the need to dedicate a physical location. Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) say it’s the responsibility of parents to keep their children safe while they are on the Internet, including on social media sites. To achieve the Abu Dhabi Government’s objective of providing distinctive municipal services that enhance the quality of living of all residents through coordination, oversight and monitoring of the Abu Dhabi municipalities and municipal councils. Owners of vehicles registered in other emirates must log into their accounts to claim exemption. When attempting to sign up an Abu Dhabi-registered vehicle, the webpage informs the user that Abu Dhabi vehicle owners will have an account created for them automatically.

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