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Deuteronomy 22:22 | View full part | identify verse in setting If a guy be obtained not telling the truth with a girl partnered to a spouse, they shall all of them die, the people that lie aided by the girl , while the wife : so shalt thou set aside bad from Israel.

Romans 9:12 | perspective complete section | determine verse in perspective it had been stated unto the lady, The older shall provide the younger .

Generation 9:24 | Check out complete chapter | determine verse in perspective And Noah awoke from his own drink, and understood exactly what his or her younger son have done unto him.

Generation 29:26 | thought complete part | enjoy verse in perspective And Laban said, it requires to never be so completed in the land, present younger ahead of the firstborn.

Luke 22:26 | point of view entire section | identify verse in perspective But ye shall not be hence: but the man which is greatest among we, allow him be due to the fact jr. ; and then he that is main, when he that doth provide.

Generation 29:16 | viewpoint full section | enjoy verse in perspective And Laban had two children: the name of this senior got Leah, and also the title regarding the jr. was Rachel.

Task 30:1 | Check out entire part | identify verse in context However the two which can be more youthful than i’ve myself in derision, whose dads i might have disdained getting packed with the pet dogs of the flock.

1 Timothy 5:1 | read complete section | identify verse in perspective Rebuke definitely not an elder, but intreat him or her as a parent; and more youthful boys as brethren;

1 Timothy 5:2 | thought whole section | identify verse in perspective The senior female as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all of purity.

Genesis 19:38 | thought full part | determine verse in perspective plus the young , she in addition blank a daughter, and called his or her brand Benammi: identical might grandad for the girls and boys of Ammon unto this day.