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‘Boys may be males’ – Study Explores Views of university Dating Violence

‘Boys may be males’ – Study Explores Views of university Dating Violence

Fifty-seven per cent of individuals reported trouble distinguishing just what comprises dating physical violence. While 100 % stated “physically forcing one to have intercourse” had been violent, about 25 % of participants found coercive sex or “emotionally pressuring one to have intercourse unless you give in,” acceptable.

Dating violence – physical, sexual, emotional or psychological in just a relationship, including stalking – is pervasive on university campuses with far-reaching health implications. One out of five females encounter an assault that is sexual university and students staying in sorority homes are 3 x very likely to experience rape. University students are at risk of dating physical violence because for the impact of these social and lifestyle environments.

Scientists from Florida Atlantic University’s university of Education in collaboration with Sacred Heart University carried out a study to comprehend the dating physical violence experience and perpetration of college-age females, in addition to the way they conceptualize physical violence in dating relationships. In addition they wished to find out more about the part of technology of their lived experiences, which infuses many aspects of US life, particularly in dating and intimate relationships. Mobile phone technology enables access that is 24-hour that also facilitates stalking and controlling habits.

Outcomes of the research, posted when you look at the journal Violence Against Women

Illuminate the period of dating violence knowledge on the list of individuals and point out deficiencies in knowledge of exactly what comprises violence that is emotional. Findings reveal normalization of unhealthy violent actions where intimate stress or sexualized verbal harassment are seen as an natural section of men, giving support to the indisputable fact that “boys will likely be guys.”