can i ignore a parking charge notice in scotland

Thank you, your feedback has been submitted. Paying immediately is seen as an admission of guilt and you cannot then subsequently appeal. Since this occurred in Scotland, most advice I get seems to say to ignore this as not enforceable in Scotland. It does mean Firms can enforce reasonable charges, however. You can do so by…, HI I would like assistance to stop any arrestment and to give me breathing space, in order that I can…, Hi Donna I do recall you from before and I am glad you have had a partial refund. Will the total be lots higher if court papers are actioned? You may have been allowed for a period, without being fined. There is no time limit that would cover such a short period. I have received a PCN of £100 for allegedly overstaying in a car park in Scotland. Hello, In July 2020 I was assisting my elderly disabled mother in a small local shopping centre near Glasgow with its own private car park. If this is the case they should have photographic evidence on when you entered and left the site. Cookies are small text files that your phone or computer downloads when you visit a website. Alternatively you might argue that you hadn’t left your car, so hadn’t parked, and therefore you didn't agree to the contract in the first place. This should cease any debt recovery action until UKPC provide you with evidence as to how the original debt arose and how it has increased to £160. Members of the public who have a dispute with any parking operator can appeal to the IAS as long as the parking operator is willing to take part. If there will be a service charge, it should state this and how much it will be. You should remember that if it goes this far, you’ll probably face a higher charge than the one that was originally sent to you. Would this fall under the landowner failing to offer Terms & Conditions of parking? It’s important to provide the parking operator with as much evidence to support your case as you can. There is a reputable presumption you were driving the car, as it is your car. Don’t be afraid to cite mitigating circumstances, if something caused you to commit a parking violation. Some argue you should just ignore them, but if they do locate you, they can still take you to Court. This page tells you what you can do if you get a parking ticket on private land, for example: The rules about issuing these tickets are different to the rules about tickets issued on public land. However, since then there has been a UK Supreme Court which takes the view they are not penalties, but lawful service charges, so ignoring them is dangerous, in that not only can these charges be legally enforced in Court, but they can increase over time. This is a free process, doesn’t involve lawyers and also doesn’t prevent you raising a defence in Court if you fail and the Firm then takes you to Court. They are. Ultimately, they could take it to court and you will need to decide at that point if you wish to defend it or not. They cannot just add on penalties etc, there must be a legal basis to them, so they must have been stated on the T’s and C’s on the sign. In their letter they state I am now no longer able to appeal the parking charge and my next opportunity to dispute the charge would be if the matter was taken to court. There’s no specific legislation dealing with parking on private land in Scotland. The Parking Charge Notice might look like an official fixed penalty from the police but it isn't one. Before you take any action (or inaction), it’s important to make sure you know what type of parking ticket you’re dealing with. They should still be clearly visible and at a height, font that allows them to be read. So you may be able to challenge a charge of more than £100 if the parking enforcer is a member of a professional trade association. They may do this, but its probably at their discretion, so you cannot force them. However, as I have said, even if you appeal, and your defence is someone else was driving the car, they will likely ask you to provide details of who was driving the car. If you dispute a Parking Charge Notice and intend to defend it in court, you should seek advice first. The cookies that Advice Scotland use are set by third party providers, who use them to supply us with statistics about the site. Normally, if you wrongly park somewhere it is the Police or Traffic Wardens that give you the ticket; or possibly a Local Authority Parking Attendant if you are in breach of local by laws. I suppose I would take a commonsense sort of approach. Information about making an appeal is on the POPLA website. Can I appeal? Are they able to enforce keeper liability yet? Also see here (click on link) you can do it online. If you know you broke the rules and don’t have ground to appeal, it’s best to settle quickly. Parking Charge Notices are the result of a parking infringement on private land or in a car park which is operated by private organisations on behalf of the landowner, and are not enforced by the local highways authority or the police. I cannot give you the odds on them raising an action, other than to say they do, so I would not encourage anyone to be complacent about them doing so, as it can add significantly to what is owed and if a CCJ or a Scottish Decree is granted for payment of a sum of money and it isn’t paid within 30 days, it can damage his credit rating. “They make no reference to the Freedom of Protections Act.” If you want to discover more about cookies, you can do so by visiting this BBC page that explains them. Don’t ignore the fines. If taken to court and he has to pay will it affect his credit rating? You could try challenging it or appealing it. A receipt can help to show she was in the store at the right time and was shopping. Sometimes the parking operator will offer you a 'discount' if you pay the charge within the first 14 days, for example a charge of £50 instead of £85. If you are only allowed to park for a certain period, it should state this also. Around 1.8 million parking charge notices are issued to motorists who have been deemed to be parked illegally on private land. This case is not subject to High Court or Baillif action. Kind regards, Gary. I obviously don’t know all the details, so I am not sure the Chip Shop owner can do anything. The fact the debt dates back to March 2019 is not long enough ago for the debt to not be recovered. It will apply across the whole of the UK. The best plan is to ignore totally all the correspondence they send you from now on. He lives in Scotland so would be the sheriff court. These are  independent processes and you can submit an appeal after you have used the Firm’s own internal process first. If you’ve been given a ticket, you could find out if the parking operator is a member of the BPA and so should have followed its code of practice. The way to appeal will depend on whether the parking company that gave you the ticket is a member of the British Parking Association (BPA) approved operators scheme. However, what you are describing may be slightly different. At best the only one I can think is under the laws of statute barred debts, which would be 5 years. You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. How does this scenario work then if you cant read the T&Cs without first parking in the lot to then go back and read the signage? You could get a ticket if you break these terms. British Parking AssociationChelsea House8-14 The BroadwayHaywards HeathWest SussexRH16 3AH, Tel: 01444 447300Fax: 01444 454105Email: So, unless the keeper disclosed the name of the driver (intentionally or not), it was difficult for the parking company to take legal action to … There are a number of strategies you can utilise in challenging a Parking Charge Notice if you believed it has been applied wrongly. That’s not always to say they will go to Court, but it is an option. In November 2020 a Sherrif officer arrived at my door while working from home to…, Hi G Applying for a Staturory Moratorium is relatively simple and fast and also free. Be aware of and deadline for appeal or taking advantage of any discount and enquire with them, if you do appeal and lose, will you still be able to pay and take advantage of the discounted amount. Realistically, there isn’t any way to force them to take you to Court other than just continuing to refuse to pay. This means firms can only charge you for a breach of contract for a reasonable amount that represents their loss. By parking in a private car park that has signs detailing the terms and conditions of parking there, motorists accept … This is more than £2/minute. The attendant will give the ticket to the driver or put it on your car. As I say I don’t think it is Parkmaven, but I may be wrong, and ask what body they are a member of and what is their appeal process. A good place to get information about actions raised in the County Court is the National Debtline Website. You can contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Advice Direct Scotland's Consumer Service. They continue to send letters…, Hi Ian Forgot to mention only Sheriff Officers can execute Exceptional Attachment Orders, but there needs to be another hearing…, Hi Ian You should normally be told by the Bank after 3 weeks from a Bank Arrestment being executed whether…, My Company, based in Scotland, undertook work, on behalf of a Sole Trader for a third party. You may, therefore, want to ask yourself, do you want to pay a fine to a Firm that has attached a fine to your windscreen or handed it you, but is not likely to be able to get your address from the DVLA? The firm should acknowledge receipt of your appeal within 14 days of them receiving it; and ultimately decide it within 35 days of it being made. If signs are misleading or deceptive, they might breach your consumer rights. I have been isued one by OPCOA IN what is a free parking area but has now pay and display m/c's covered and not in operation. Woman must pay £24,000 in charges after ignoring parking notices. If you think getting a parking ticket may be discriminatory, you should get advice. That is not to say that if a Firm is not a member of one of these bodies they cannot pursue you for a ticket. It could then decide to suspend or withdraw that company’s membership. Bailiffs cannot enforce debt recovery in Scotland. This means when you park your car on a private landowner’s land you can, in certain circumstances, be deemed to have entered into a contract with them. There is no specific Act of Parliament in Scotland dealing with private parking tickets. In one set of photographs, it was shown the cloud formation in the sky behind a car was the same, despite the timestamp on both photos showing hours of a difference between them. It is 2 fines at £140 each, in Scotland. Should Students bring their Tenancies to an End? We did not read any of the signage pertaining to car parking as I was with a registed blind person and we were busy dodging puddles in what was a very poorly drained area during a heavy rain shower. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Since the incident in early July 2020, I have received 7 letters over a 6 month period; 2 from Gemini Parking Solutions followed by 3 from Debt Recovery Plus, folllowed by 1 from Zenith Collections and finally a letter from CST Law dated 7/1/21 and giving me until 21/1/21 to pay the fine. The information that is provided is anonymised and cannot be used to identify you. However, I stress if this goes to Court I expect the Court will presume you were driving the car, as the registered keeper and they will expect you to state who was driving it to rebut that presumption. Ensure the times are correct and she has re-entered within the prohibited times. It will automatically process the charge, as technically the rules have been broken. The first thing to check: is the Firm registered as a member of a recognised trade body that allows it to be part of the DVLA’s Authorised  Operators Scheme? Members of the IPC should wait 14 days before sending their final warning letter. I think she needs to appeal the decision and also request evidence. and if you breach the terms, you effectively either accept the terms of parking in that area and any charges that apply, including any charges if you breach the terms. If you park in a non-designated area, it would depend on whether these parking signs cover those areas also. To be members of one of these organisations they need to adhere to their Code of Conduct, which includes a right to appeal any charge. Whether or not a charge is too high does not depend on the normal cost to park where you did. Like with the Penalty Charge Notice, private firm Parking Charge Notices can be enforced through the courts and recovered using Sheriff Officers and diligence, legal debt recovery procedures, such as: If a Decree is obtained from the Court and the amount owed not paid with 30 days, it may be registered on your Credit Report. Parking Charge Notices can be challenged and should if you think they are wrong, as they can be enforced through the Courts. They continue to send letters demanding I pay or they will take me to court. It provides the Secretary of State with new powers to issue guidance to private parking firms and to issue guidance relating to fees and penalties. Or is there a way to force the private firm to actually make good on their threat of taking me to court? You should first follow the company’s complaints procedure to try to resolve the matter. I would check the sign to see if it says that. If he was clearly in the wrong and they clearly advertised the terms of conditions of parking, it may be he has to pay it, but maybe able to negotiate a repayment plan with them. Are Klarna and other BNPL Lenders the New Wonga? He has ignored it so far. If you didn’t park the car at the time the ticket was issued and you don’t say who the driver was, there’s no law in Scotland that makes you, as the registered keeper, automatically liable for the ticket. This allows certain firms to purchase the details of the registered keepers of cars. I would take a photo for use in any appeal. Kind Regards David. This means you are liable to a Parking Charge Notice as opposed to a local-authority-issued parking ticket or Penalty Charge Notice. Surly this is enough to challenge fine ? This PEN is for parking outside my bay. Also you may want to check what the terms on the sign state and check you did breach them. Firms, therefore, may only charge a reasonable amount if you stay beyond your allotted time on the land. The allowable time is 90 minutes, and the timestamps on the evidence they have included on their PCN shows that the car was in the car park for 14 minutes longer than this. Landowners and parking operators do not need licences to issue parking tickets. This was because the driver of the vehicle was the only person who could have liability for the charge, whereas the parking company could only find out the name of the keeper. Advice can vary depending on where you live. Alternatively, you can still write to them outlining the reasons why you think the charge is wrong. If you feel you have been unfairly charged, don't ignore the letter, but don't pay a penny at first. If you think the T & Cs were not easy to read, obstructed etc. Ultimately, if you are not happy with how they deal with your case, I believe they are members of the British Parking Association, a trade body and you should have a further right to appeal to them. Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) and Excess Charge Notices (ECN) are issued by local Authority Parking Attendants. For example, you may have stayed over the time you paid for in a car park because you were taken ill. For example, you may need extra time because you're older, disabled, pregnant or have a very young baby. Hi, I have a final reminder-unpaid parking charge from Highview Parking which states they have instructed Direct Collection Baillifs Limited to collect the outstanding balance of £160 This was in Scotland in a shopping car park 21 months ago where I was not the driver indeed I was working apx 80 miles away I have not responded to their letters,do you think I should pay it ? If you have a chance, I appreciate any feedback via my Trust Pilot Page. As at the time of writing this article, this Code of Practice has not been produced. How legal (IN sCOTLAND ) are parking enforcement notices.? Also Bob, if you are going to appeal make sure that they also met all the other conditions for applying charges, such as displaying their terms and conditions on a legible sign that was visible before you entered, as if they didn’t, this is another grounds for disputing a ticket. These are given when you park in a place you shouldn't e.g. If you breach the terms of the contract, they will identify your car using the Parking Attendants, who will most likely take a photograph of your car or  they will use CCTV to do so. Advice Scotland does not use marketing cookies, as there is no marketing on He is thinking about ignoring it and waiting to see if they take it to court and paying within the 30 days so there is no decree and credit rating is ok. Property management is a huge part of their business. We have now receive the first of what I presume will be 3 fines. If a ticket machine was out of order, then photograph it. This was the decision in a UK Supreme Court case (ParkingEye Ltd v Beavis [2015] UKSC 67)   and applied to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. ComposHat Fri 04-Jan-13 12:54:30. What stands these notices apart from those issued by the Police and Traffic Wardens, is they are not issued for committing an offence, but for parking somewhere that you are normally allowed to park, but have done so in a way that breaks the terms and conditions of being able to do so. Equally, if the sign does not expressly say you will be charge a certain amount if you break the terms of the contract, then the firm may not have any legal basis for charging you the amount they are trying to charge you. If there was no sign, or it was not easily visible, you may have grounds for appealing the ticket. If you are able to challenge the ticket, you should always do this as well. For example, you might complain because the parking operator sent you a final demand too quickly. Highview Parking is a private parking contractor, along with their sister company Ranger Services. Generally the principle about private parking fines is you have parked in a designated parking area, that had signs on display that tell you the terms of parking there (length of time etc.) The British Parking Association (BPA) is a trade association for the parking industry. Hi I’ve received a notice of debt recovery from an English bailiffs DCBL for a parking charge issued by UKPC in March 2019. It will, therefore, damage your Credit Score. Also bear in mind there are strict time limits you need to adhere to when appealing, so don’t delay. You can also ask for evidence your wife overstayed. Parking operators that are members of the BPA should wait 28 days before sending you a final demand. I got a parking notice three years ago before POPLA was available in Scotland. If the parking operator does take you to court, you may be able to defend this, for example on the grounds that the signs in the car park were unclear. If you don’t, then at present although there is no concept of Registered Keeper’s liability in Scotland, a Court may presume, in the absence of you identifying the driver, that you were the driver. I believe they are now part of a firm called Group Nexus. AIBU to ignore 'Parking Charge Notice' from Parking Eye (134 Posts) Add message | Report. She added: “Parking charge notices issued to vehicles in Scotland are legal and contract law applies. You can send them a letter to say you dispute the debt and ask they return it to the original creditor to ask they provide proof it is owed. His local Citizen Advice Bureau or Student Advice Service may be able to help him or the law school in many universities also run free law clinics. If a firm is not registered and, therefore, not part of the Approved Operators Scheme, they are unlikely to be able to find out who you are from the DVLA. If they do the latter the cost could be more, also if the action is defended then lost this could add to the costs. Registered number 1436945 EnglandRegistered office: Citizens Advice, 3rd Floor North, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD. This sounds like a strict application of the rules and I am sure the reason she has the fine is because a camera will have taken a photo and will have had registration plate,reading technology. Private parking operators could take you to court, but they may choose not to do this, as the amount of money being demanded is usually quite small. But is it as simple as that, and is a suggestion by someone to ignore the charges as they're unenforceable legally correct? For a more detailed explanation, read on. I have so far ignored the several demands for a fixed penatly of £170 but the case has now escalated and I’m now being threatened with court action. Scots motorists have been using a loophole in the syste… There was a previous argument that private parking penalties were illegal or could be illegal as penalties are not allowed in Scots Common law or under Scots Contract law. If you’re complaining because a BPA member has breached their code of practice, the parking operator may be committing a breach of the consumer protection regulations. breaking some traffic rules, for example going against a ‘no right turn’ sign or driving in a bus lane This will mean where the identity of the driver is not known, the Registered Keeper can be held liable. My wife just received a £60 ticket for overstaying at a supermarket car park by 30 minutes. Good morning. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! I am disabled and have a blue badge on the car. On seeing the ticket, I took photos of where I had parked, Now I have a letter from an English based debt recovery company asking me to set up a payment plan for debt of £150 else face potential court action. They will also usually be a member of a professional Parking Association, so if you cannot resolve it with them, you can usually appeal it to their professional body, but you need to be prepared for them taking it to Court if you are not successful. You…, Hi, I need advice, please. Please tell us more about why our advice didn't help. NHS boards are responsible for the management of NHS car parking facilities at hospitals. In most cases, such as with Parking Charge Notices (PCN’s), you will find that DRPL are simply acting for the creditor and have not purchased the debt. Parking on public land is often managed by the local authority. The residents may ask the local authority to 'adopt' the road, so that it's treated like public roads in the area and attended by the local authority’s traffic wardens. What they don’t tell her is the circumstances or the story behind why she broke them. Should you be worried about Sheriff Officers? It has no legal basis and cannot be enforced in law, Ignore post #2, that is a private parking company troll trying to spread disinformation. I would try and find out who is the Company that has given you the ticket. The fine can be taken to Court with a view to obtaining a Court Order. If he is in Scotland, it would be the Sheriff Court, using Simple Procedure. If the parking company is a member of the British Parking Association, appeals can be made to Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA). Pub folklore says never enter into communications as this is seen as an admission of guilt. On completion of…, Hi Cameron Thanks for getting in touch. If you are the Registered Keeper of a car but were not driving it at the time the fine was charged, you can argue that you are not liable for the fine. You appear to have parked in a non-designated parking area of Braehead. It’s still possible that a parking company may try to make you pay the parking charge by taking you to court. If you are not prepared to pay the debt, I would write to the firm and dispute it and outline why you don’t think you should pay it. Mr Taylor advises never to ignore a Parking Charge Notice because legally, private parking firms can take you to court if you don't pay up. Instead, the general principles of contract law apply. Some of these are outlined below for illustrative purposes, but you may want to tailor them to suit the specifics of your case. Penalty charge notice (PCN)As well as for parking, you can get a PCN for:. Remember if you get further tickets, these will need to be appealed, so maybe best getting a photo of the sign and speaking to your local advice agency. As stated above, if the firm did not display it’s terms in an easily accessible format before you entered the contract, and only displayed them once you entered the car park, then arguably those terms do not apply to your contract. What makes these charges legal is they are based on contract law. I have looked ParkMaven up and it appears to me they are a software provider for Car Parks, so I am not sure if they are actually the people who have sent you the charge. The sign that displays these terms, therefore, should be displayed at a height that is easily visible, not too high and not too low. They normally do. This means that for a binding contract to be formed between you and the landowner, the rules about where and when you can park and what charges apply must be displayed clearly throughout the car park (particularly at entrances). Where it isn’t, the police are responsible instead. If you’re the registered keeper of the car, you may be sent a ticket. Three times we were there and no one told us this. As I could find no car parking spaces where there was something suitable to lock my motorcycle to, I looked for an area where I would not be causing an obstruction, but where my motorcycle was secure. Take photographs if you have any concerns the sign didn’t meet these standards. It is common for Firms to put debts out for collection to one Firm for a while and if they don’t get paid, take it back, or sometimes be given it back. The term should also state clearly the terms that you can park on the land or in the car park. Are Scots now on the Financial Precipice of this Crisis? The basic principle is you should be able to see and read the T & Cs before you enter into a contract with the parking space provider. How did it get to £160? If they can get the money off you, then Debt Recovery Plus get a percentage commission. It’s not enough for the sign to say that the length of stay is 3 hours per customer, but also it must tell you the charge if you overstay. Could this not be see as excessive, or a penalty? I don’t dispute the time, just the amount. It is also noted that the signs in the car park are clear, and they state that should they pass the debt to a third party for collection, they they will apply an additional £60 charge. A general query. They can then fix the fine to your car, but equally they may post the notice out to your address. It will just be harder for them. Thanks for any help/advice you can offer. You can do this by contacting your local Citizens Advice Bureau, who can also help with any queries about tickets for parking on private land.

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