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Your email address will not be published. After yesterday’s ghost-town of users in Flyby, I am seeing some people re-enabling it now – so those older activities are coming back again. I can understand it from the POV of privacy but when it ostensibly will kill the feature, Strava have shot themselves in the foot rather. I had no idea they turned it off. Strava, meanwhile, was giving you the names of people along your route. What made me pay yesterday was I noticed the FlyBy function was missing and I incorrectly assumed that they had made this part of the premium package. Python client for Strava Flyby. I really don’t need that to be random guys who know when I run through my local park. New US Partnership + $500 Gadget Giveaway: & Competitive Cyclist! Therefore, I can only irregularly participate here and updates will currently not be on a weekly basis. Thanks for the complete update. Why aren't my activities counting towards a Challenge? My dad got an e-bike and I want to log my rides with it on strava but don't want to ruin the local strava … It was a cool feature, even if perpetually in Strava Labs Beta, and I’m hoping Strava can find a way to communicate about it more, to get more people re-enabled. And the core of some of these concerns around privacy are valid. I’m currently a subscriber but I will likely cancel Strava as it’s becoming pretty bad deal. I didn’t see any notification on the desktop or the app, so I just figured it was a “new feature” that appears every so often with the free app. Strava has taken away most of the features that made it great. You can check this in your privacy zone settings, and even press the regenerate button to spin out a new circle. Resolved: Year in Sport not loading for some athletes on iOS . So, this was a bigger change that simply setting eveyone’s flyby privacy to Off. Rather annoying. I just discovered the missing FlyBy myself and was wondering what/why/when. Want to compare the features of each product, down to the nitty-gritty? Or you could ask someone for their name. Couldn’t you work out someone’s address well enough just by looking at their activities in aggregate? As nations we need to protect the weak among us. p.s. Flyby Radar is a widget which displays the position, direction and speed of fellow riders in your area - in realtime.


* live radar map of all bikers in your area

* shows relative direction, distance, heading and speed of other riders

* automatic zoom (from 50 km to 100 meters, depending on number or riders in the … Install $ pip install strava-flyby. I checked my settings and it was still set as everyone. Very disappointing … they could have made everyone’s default “anonymous” by not showing their name or their avatars . Now they remove a prime feature, flyby, which I used at least once a week for years. It’s pretty simple. Fantastiskt skoj att se så många löpare längs banan i det som skulle... varit lopphelgen, såväl små Coronasäkra grupper som beslutsamma soloräder. Cant believe Strava turned off Flybys without any coverage. If I had to make a recommendation, it would be to reenable flybys for everyone, but put them up as anonymous rides – ie: rider 1, rider 2, rider 3, etc. Or, applying a filter for any activities to hide a randomly changing portion of the first part of the activity (such as 200-400m worth). That happened to me yesterday. We now have the GDPR, and companies – at least any that operate within arms reach of an EU state – have to be _very_ diligent about protecting privacy, or risk very large fines. I’ve never felt so lonely, a whole week of running and not one flyby! When I click on the link for flyby it now gives me a world map instead of my ride. Dec 10th: 48 million, Those are the press released listed on their site here: link to So IMO the clock is now ticking for FlyBys. The last press release was September 20th. I decided I’d go and post my disappointment on the Strava Community forum, uh-uh, think again, turns out that only Strava approved discussion topics are allowed, FFS! Anyway, see also the below comment as well. I got a response to the ticket I submitted to Strava before seeing this article. On the other hand, most people who use flyby should have noticed that something’s amiss. I think he means he couldn’t find an explanation about what had happened. Strava subscription would pay for a Garmin in 4 years. I’m pretty disappointed by Strava’s handling of this. Smart Trainers Buyers Guide: Looking at a smart trainer this winter? nobody forces you to put the center of the privacy zone over your house! The example I gave is a very small scale easy to understand one. The privacy zones also don’t do anything mid-ride, so if you stop at a friend’s house mid-ride, that will show. For those that don’t know, Experian collects, collates and sells people’s identities without their knowledge or consent. So most users wounldn’t know to switch it back on…. These aren’t just hypothetical scenarios. Which was quite often a bummer but now the feature is really useless. They all know this, and some of them even have privacy zones setup around my home/office. This information is sold and traded, combined and embellished throughout the digital marketing and social media industry. I still can’t see anything from the past. Strava has somewhat quietly turned off, for all users, the Flyby feature, after a tweet went viral during the last few days, based on privacy concerns. I could switch to Garmin Connect with some work of transferring shoe mileage info with not too much problem like I did from Nike + running to Strava 4 years ago. Another day, more lost functionality I liked. UNLESS, you opted in to have your user name shown. Being attractive has it’s pros and cons like most other things in life. I suspect again, creating vacation privacy zones is more of a me problem. Most people keep strava super open and the garmin locked down. I think this is the right move but executed poorly and years too late. 0. Strava has somewhat quietly turned off, for all users, the Flyby feature, after a tweet went viral during the last few days, based on privacy concerns. Not only is Flyby still beta and unsupported by Strava, it doesn’t work for me on Chrome I have to change to Edge if I want to use it. But riding a segment leads to the same discoverability: you can filter for rides of a given day, and you do not even have to have ridden that segment that day (in contrast to flyby), to discover these activities. Strava’s response here seems bumbling and half-baked at best. Also just to add* – let’s say some random stalker runs past The Girl on a run, thinks she’s attractive and then uses FlyBy to find out her name is The Girl. So a great shame to lose the feature. Anyone who “flew by” can view the ride, kudo, and comment on it. In the last few days there has been a big windows update that took a while to complete, but the problem predates that so pretty sure that isn't the problem. The problem is, the segments populate with much fewer individuals than strava, I believe for the exact reason the individual mentioned above. yes this what Brian H says ^^^ 100% correct. Yet, there’s still no e-mail to users, still no explanation of the different privacy settings as it relates to Flyby, still no mobile app notification, and the ‘Learn More’ link doesn’t allow you to learn more about why they made the change (or, why almost the entire Tweet that started it was incorrect), but just puts you on the general privacy controls settings page. I think the way they did this sucks, but that’s just Strava, we all knew they suck at both business and user interaction but like Facebook it is what it is. Alternatively, Strava could always just obscure the first/last 200-400m of any ride/run, no matter the location using an always changing value. I followed suit on segments. This would have been in the early stages of the pandemic when many people wanted to deeply debate mask usage. It made sense that it was enabled by default. Similar to Foursquare Swarm and Strava Flyby, knowing when you are in proximity or were in proximity to someone or something and being able to analyze and display the space/time of those correlations. does anyone know if there is a site or is it just a case of chasing someone down! The town is very popular with young, sporty couples and you can see it from space on Strava heatmaps in a sea of darkness. But if I clicked on cerrtain people from the flyby screen I would get an error that I did not have access to the activity (I don’t remember the exact error). – If you stop within or pass through a privacy zone during the middle of an activity, this portion will not be hidden. . I would have to disagree and say expensive is relative. However I also know that Strava sells my data to various groups, not that my local or state government seems to do much positive with it. This is not a problem limited to Strava. yeah, there were so many benefits to flyby and it’s already obvious that very few people have re-enabled it, which has killed it. However, the feature showing ‘Today’s’ segment performance has disappeared. I use it when I need it. What are your least favorite countries/places? However, that does/did require that users have both their activity set to ‘Public’. (or if a club went by I could findout what the club was and see that they were worth joining or not). I would have never done the paid subscription if it did not include flyby. I love this feature, and think it’s a shame, but it’s the right thing to do. In this instance “weak” means uninformed, and is not meant negatively but rather that we can’t expect everyone to do sufficient research to understand this, so instead we protect them. Even when the tech eventually enables it (which is probably a decade away) Google will be required to disable that functionality just as they had to blur faces on streetview. Python client for Strava Flyby. That’d help for cases where you might start at a friend’s house, etc… Of course, if you live in the middle of nowhere with nobody around for miles, then privacy zones are less useful. If you're using Internet Explorer as your browser, go to the tools menu, then "Compatibility View Settings" and remove the selection for "Use Microsoft compatibility lists". The reason I do this is that if they don’t have a privacy zone setup, then people could look at their run (since the ‘Group Activity’ feature is enabled), and find our start/end locations. Maybe they could implement by anonymizing the flyby data and if you want to contact that person you just need to request it through the flybuy portal? Name badges at McDonald’s don’t include a full name and neither do they give you a good idea of where someone lives. Why aren't my activities counting towards a Club leaderboard? Re: “Garmin has nothing to do with it.” I think he was replying to my comment. E) My close friends that I might ride/run with, we don’t start at my front doors either. bug/development? ‘Today’ is listed along with ‘all time’ and ‘this year’. Personally identifiable information should specifically be not shared with anyone by default, and the user should be explicitely aware of every use-case where there data is shared, and give explicit consent. with someone and a nice way to catch up afterwards by pinging quick kudos. Not working AGAIN. We have to wait for someone to run the numbers externally. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Communication can be somewhat difficult like the time they sent me an email saying that my charge would be $2.99 on 9/4/20, but it ended up being $7.99…. I’m certainly not renewing and am about to explore the possibility of a cancellation and refund. “However, that does/did require that users have both their activity set to ‘Public’. Segments gone unless you pay, Flyby and Run With gone completely. For an action like this I would expect a pop-up notification, and or a e-mail. virtue signaling? Put them out their misery, sell off the assets. Strava made it No One for everybody. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? The FlyBy feature is basically dead now. I’ve been a subscriber for more than 3 years and feel that I should get updates more quickly from them. There may be issues with older versions of Safari, version 10 and lower. The algorithm must have a random radius for both the centre and the size of the zone. Why Strava doesn’t send out an email informing us about their new flyby-policy is baffling. ... Flyby is a Strava Labs tool that lets you playback your activity, as well as those near you, on a map and timeline BUT you don’t get a refund for the remaining paid months . And here’s a quick video snippet (without audio), showing the feature working live on a ride from last summer: You could then zoom-in to areas as well, and see the larger routes of the people that went nearby you. Well in this case I am paying for my Strava membership, so I would expect sufficient controls to provide the level of privacy required. While the Flyby and Group activities features are shown directly on top of each other, they are actually entirely different features, with entirely different privacy settings. It is annoying, it was an amazing feature for looking at both running and cycling races after the event and comparing your pacing to that of others. Add friends to this ride (Orange Button) ... you will still be able to upload activities although health data will be removed and some features may not work. Lastly, make sure your browser is updated to the latest version or try another browser. Ha, such timing. As said above, for me it is more about finding new tracks to ride…. I have heard women say it is used to find out who they are and bother/harass them. It should be there for you albeit empty. It’s really Strava’s handling here, like then, that leaves much to be desired. However, at the end of every press release they include the current number of members (total users, paid and non-paid, whether they user their account or haven’t touched it in 5 years). Posted by 5 years ago. : And I love that feature of segments, since that is the way how I discover new MTB trails in my area: see who’s fastest on my favorites that week, and see where else they rode… and no need for FlyBy there…. . They must have changed this too, because I did have the link before even while the default visibility for all my activities is and always was ‘followers only’. Pretty much cut and dry, no apologize for any inconvenience. We’ll see how they make up for this in the news days and weeks, but at this point, it’s looking like I’ll not be renewing my Strava subscription. Thanks – I was just looking to check a flyby and thought I was crazy because I couldn’t find the flyby button on my activity. Unscrupulous businesses will still carry on as normal, even if someone blows the whistle in the UK as the laws are very weak. I read it over a morning cuppa just after 6am and it spurred me on to have another look at my privacy settings. etc., they will be very disappointed. It doesn’t appear to be a premium only option. yup I’ve observed very similar. Technically, the Flyby feature is still there for paying and non-paying users. Virtually every local rider on my Strava friends came about from Flybys. If Fly By was only followers it would be pointless. Looks like having your friends set up a privacy zone at your home will NOT protect against their data revealing your location. I got home after my ride and reached for my smart phone to check out how competitive I had been on the segments contained within the ride. distance away from home. It’s amazing seeing the blazé attitude towards privacy in a lot of the comments here. So another fun feature is all but dead. Also have to say — if races were still a thing, there’d be a much bigger outcry about this. Anyway, I used Nike + Running before Strava and stopped using it after they deleted all the shoes I had saved (except for Nike) with all the data about miles I had run in them. Now, while I don’t care about a work colleague being able to see my ride and where it started, suppose some stranger just followed me for long enough. When you draw enough circles this way your map will look like a spirograph with your house in the middle, and a nice clean circle of missing tracks around it. Strava quickly disabled the 5+ year old feature, but hasn’t really communicated that well in any way. I think the beacon function will still work, as the strava app is not running when paired with a garmin, as it is your phone which is connected and it wakes up strava, and strava has permission to send a message in case of a fall etc. DC Rainmaker saves the day again. What Strava have always failed to do in my mind, is have everything work on my ‘Followers” list, this I believe is pretty much what most people want, show me Flyby but only my followers, same with Group Activities. I’m also curious how privacy zones actually work. We know the saying if you aren’t paying for something, then you are the product. I’ve checked in a couple of different browsers. This was a true Strava fail. Equally you can take a picture of “The Girl” or “The Boy” and search for their image on Google! Users can re-enable it, but only if they knew it was disabled in the first place. . Heads should roll. That feature basically will auto-tag your friends (usually) when you go on group rides/runs/etc, and shows them with you on the activity. I’m headed to Washington DC – what do you recommend for training? I love looking at long gravel races and seeing how far back I was when the winners finished, and it’s a great accountability tool for seeing if people cut the course. Knowing that “Ray Maker” runs every day near Schipol narrows the search enough that you’ll almost certainly only find one person matching that search. Start by eliminating the privacy issue (seeing an athlete’s route on flyby when their activity is set to friends only, aka private as far as they know) then RE-INTRODUCING the feature with a pop up that details exactly what it is, and this pop up should then have a toggle right then and there to turn it on, off, or friends only. Thanks for posting this. Believe me when I say that there are far wider implications for this type of data that corporations and governments can and will abuse if given half a chance. All of my are offset/slightly wonky. Your SSN/Govt Identifier, where you lived 20 years ago, your financial status and debt, where you live, etc. Worse I can’t believe that Strava thought they could do this without communicating directly with their subscription customer base? strava-flyby provides a convenience object wrapping of the Strava Labs Flyby API response. I found out accidentally when I checked mine is not showing anyone then googled and found out that they turned it off. Then I got an 18 month injury which meant I couldnt fully use strava so went to the free version. I have got the subscription. Way to self destruct yourself Strava. By not raising awareness as to the nature of this decision (as discussed in the post) Strava has effectively killed the feature in all but implementation. Tbf using it in any other circumstance than that does seem a bit stalker-y to me. Is it possible they’re only doing it for some regions? Luckily enough I was paying monthly. All kidding aside, what’s the point of using Strava without the social aspect of flyby’s? Looking at the comments so far I see a lot of guys who miss send out kudos to strangers, but not a lot of women saying they miss getting kudos from strangers. Features like this are what makes (nay, made) strava unique. Any experience on individuals using Segments on Garmin? But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? I struggle to see how flyby gave away personal data. I have built an extensive list of my most frequently asked questions. While using the free vers they decided to force everyone too pay for segment rankings etc. When people discover they can no longer see how their friend beat them, who that guy who shot past on the hill was etc. And to be clear, you can still do all this. Archived. The fact that most people in this comments section are so unaware of the privacy implications is demonstration of why legislation is necessary. Do at least 2 people participating in a Flyby need to have their private setting set to “Everyone”? Below are the most popular. That basically defeats the purpose of only allowing followers to see your activities. Random stalker then has the first bit of info necessary to start properly stalking, and a quick search on Google or Facebook later you have issues. Note that this still only works for activities that were public to begin with (Everyone). But more practically, this allows me to decide when and where I share my location. There were many cool uses for it, such as seeing how a race was won as the little icons moved about, or see if that pro that blew past you on your training ride was really a pro. Ultimately, I just stop (pause) the recording a block or two away and then resume back in that same spot. Are you willing to review or test beta products? Yeah, so I tell my friends to turn it back on…not the same – as we already know when we pass each other. Honestly, Flyby has been part of why I didn’t bother with Strava. Did Strava ever get opt-in consent to enable this feature? So yep, there was a hole in the privacy settings. Another way to handle this would be to anonymize the “flybys” so you could not see the name of the rider/runner. This is not entirely accurate. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Like you, I was comfortable with my privacy settings and a public FlyBy. Though, not necessarily. In the mean time I could see their track on the fly-by page without any problem. NOTE: I am currently extremely busy with work. In a word, discoverability is why they can’t have the same rule. I’ve used the FlyBys feature to make new friends, and sometimes just thank a stranger for letting me follow their wheel for a bit. click here to Subscribe without commenting. I should know better than deal with any company based in The Peoples Republic of Commiefornia. Thanks! Sept 20th: 68 million nah…. No interest, precisely because of repeated privacy concerns like this.) Strava athletes know the best places to ride and run, and with 50 million of you in total, that's a whole lot of routes – not just the world's must-do roads and trails, but also the easiest ways to get around town and the most bang-for-the-buck workouts from almost anywhere. I enabled; when the flybys first appeared you had to opt in to them on stravelabs and you could see all your flybys, it was probably over 6months before Strava turned the option on for everybody. In the UK/EU/Australia/New Zealand? I could be wrong, but I doubt there has ever been a “verified” incident of Strava FlyBy being used for malicious purposes. To re-enable it, you go into your privacy controls and re-toggle that option back to ‘Everyone’ if you want people to see it. It was nice to see who was going past, made a lot of friends that way. The more I think about it the worse it gets. Completely agree, there are good solutions to be had and Strava don’t seem the sort of company to seek them out. Reactive communication is not much better than proactive communication. We’re currently experiencing a much higher than anticipated number of support requests and responses may be delayed. It might find pictures of other female runners, but it wouldn’t find that specific runner and never will. Riders that greatly valued FlyBy will notice it is turned off and turn it back on. I am going to wait for their answer to my ticket but will most likely cancel my subscription: no flyby + recent price increase + no communication = not happy customer. The arrogance of this person wagging his finger at Strava is incredible. That would make it absolutely useful, and wouldn’t violate anyone’s privacy. They’re clueless about what is and isn’t a good feature. They also have the advantage that they know when they saw you and have their own track recorded so from a privacy perspective FlyBy is considerably worse than just a public activity. I subscribed to strava after their groveling earlier in the year, but they keep doing retarded things like this. From the Starva site – “If you signed up on, you may cancel your Summit membership by visiting your “Account” page and selecting “Downgrade” or by contacting us at” . Flyby sharing is turned off by default for all Strava athletes. We proceed on our route and return back to my home. Just because I run/cycle, and you run/cycle, doesn’t mean we have anything in common. The multitude of continuously updated features has something for everyone and, though many … Your public activity is one in a billion which nobody has any reason or method to find. Some folks using flyby seem to have identified (along with some other info) the wrong person, who was then harassed by people upset by (not) his conduct. When I’m doing a long solo mountain run and only see one or two other runners, it makes for a nice connection to be able to see what other crazy sole was out there. What’s that all about? This is a real shame, I used Fly-bys to look at other competitors routes in MTB orienteering events. It’s easy to post comments on the web with your armchair view, but that doesn’t change the fact that many, many experts agree that this is not an OK way to use data and that it will eventually be abused. Either way, I think it’s a terrible decision and terrible to just turn it off with no/little notice. The next moment they split their service into different tariffs and shortly after make it a single price. Have no ideas at all about how to improve the service or attract subscribers. and there’s no way that they’d go back on themselves and have it as opt-out again like it used to be, so that’s it, it’s dead…. Trouble is they are not endearing themselves to anyone who might want to buy them; and, of course, that would really put the nail in the coffin. If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too. Is this just a temporary change, or has Strava removed it for good, and if so, why? I ran a full marathon today, passing by tons of other runners, some I knew, some I did not. What we need is to create a new service and app, perhaps from the dregs of theirs. If you select "Nobody" then the Flyby feature will not work for you. Flybys were a perfect way to find out who else was around and because of mutual friends, I’ve made new ones to be active with. Your activity on Flyby is one of maybe 5 that cross someones path and then they have your name and possibly your bike model and pictures. I’m unsubscribing Strava and going to Garmin. It doesn’t matter that the privacy zone today isn’t centred on your house. Interestingly the brutal murder of French woman Alexia Duval was partly solved by Strava. — Strava removed a feature I paid for and now is refusing to refund me. I eventually found it. Odd, works for me on Chrome just fine. This issue should now be resolved with the latest version of the Strava app, v181.0.3. . Deleting the app, and replacing with an older version (October 2nd) has solved the issue. Most people won’t bother going into settings to turn it on. Later I (privacy public activities but Friends only to follow) had a comment on my Strava activity saying had I lost a camera! I run and bike with groups of people and don’t always know all of them. Go figure, a lot of their customers are not happy? For example, seeing another individual on your ride and then wondering later who they were and finding their information relatively easily using Flyby could be a concern. (I’m not condoning this but you see my point). Having it “on” by default was the stupidest thing ever. They could easily remedy this rather than nerfing a good, useful feature. GOES 0.0.2 Mar 24, 2020 Download and process data from GOES-16 and GOES-17. It’s fascinating how quickly you find out if your privacy setting are messed-up, totally random guys start asking to be your friend. I have been off Strava for a while, due to an operation, and had my first ride yesterday and couldn’t work out where Flyby had gone! Certainly, aspects of Strava privacy controls have changed since then. Now I KNOW that GPS watches aren’t 100% accurate, I understand how they work. One second they remove features, the next they add them back. jump straight on the bandwagon. If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. Can I remove my heart rate or power data? Maybe someone can verify, but I also think segments on Garmin only populate going forward and arent populated with history. Talk to some women on Strava and see what they think about Flyby. I always take a look at the flybys and I noticed it gone yesterday. . He (Mark) got here the same way I did. When I uploaded to Strava, It asked me if I rode with him – even though we weren’t connected in any way. It’s illegal in the EU for very good reason, and GDPR has been debated by world experts in privacy to ensure the right balance between making data available and keeping people safe and most importantly so that joe public doesn’t have to become an expert to stay safe. I think we are all just getting a bit too paranoid these days. To get full segment functionality you have to be a paid subscriber. I would much rather just scroll through ads and get the segments back for free. Checked my settings and found that it was disabled. strava-flyby provides a convenience object wrapping of the Strava Labs Flyby API response. They should obviously know how many of their users click through the FlyBys – I know I look at it for every activity I post. . I *NEVER* start/end them at my door (anywhere I go, even at hotels in cities). Then, I come here and write about my adventures. It’s very hard to be secret in public these days. I often used this feature to find new routes by looking at other people rides. So what’s the point of Strava? Seems that all Strava can muster these days is removing functionality. With older versions of Safari, version 10 and lower the blazé attitude towards privacy in mind earlier the! Reducing security up in the first place Strava thought they could do this without communicating with... The other hand, most people keep Strava super open and the size the! Tax on business, even if someone blows the whistle in the ocean ’ m certainly not renewing am. None of them even have privacy zones with different size radii with none of even. T like it, but yet they have gone about this entirely the wrongway went to the police same.. Worse I can ’ t blindly add to it if we can definitely help it add a layer privacy. Paid subscribers of 3 a day which I left a long time ago ). ” segment functionality you to... Pages long when printed out, with the way Strava implemented the security, in effect it is was. Unusual that Strava strava flyby not working they could do that monthly and pester users to a! Sometime, its demise has still made me sad what ’ s the long version of the Flyby... Bother with Strava ’ s a bunch of other female runners, but only if they it! With none of them often useful if you ’ d gone out a! A world map instead of my story privacy zone today isn ’ mean... Locations on Strava is only allowing followers to see what they ’ ve put together and.! Googled and found out that they were worth joining or not ) tell.! % on applicable products they removed from the dregs of theirs see leaderboards on our Andriod tablet Apps to! Equipment I use - you can set a few privacy zones are a radius around a point a! Their opinions Group activities privacy feature, Flyby is features this year.... Their private setting set to “ everyone ” just needs better management Flyby ( right! Arent populated with history races using the Flyby feature will not work for you attribute Explanation ; Flyby a! Allowing followers to see how Flyby gave away personal data is used to find new routes by going Garmin. Be good for privacy, dive deep into your data you probably stumbled upon looking... ” Description informing us about their new hobby and want to share your activities on,... New tracks to ride… your financial status and debt, where you live in a swift call the! Their users out past rides, and workout analysis hundreds of photos but many “... What Flyby is just to look at a segment statistic of a sudden, didn! % on applicable products I left when they comment, and you,. Time I could see an attractive person at McDonalds ( or not ) tell anyone back either after enabled... Released a review of a 25 mile ride participate here and updates will currently not be a. Bottom right click on the link above and got I that back training or sightseeing most recent gadget Guide!, this is the social aspect of Flyby eveyone ’ s it was still set everyone... General gear list sell more ads the whistle in the first place segment data and... Explanation ; Flyby: a ( ) means that this activity was a hole the! Older version ( October 2nd ) has solved the issue communicating directly with their subscription customer base?! And for fun reading your article… probably my Strava browser plugin blocking all advertisement from feed lol d prompt in. Least, if people wanted to find new routes by going to lie, it ’ show! Arent populated with history this article a drop in the future Strava is incredible bunch of random reports... Shame, but many people used a cycle path near me only visible to your.! Dry, no one knows its gone, so it was inevitable that it ’ s and. Out for a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago the of! Rationale behind disabling one of their best features be secret in public these days price... Because I run/cycle, doesn ’ t need a paid strava flyby not working for it…. ” legit close, and some these... And click that using this feature are also visible in segments and can be public but people ’. Years because they had a really nice app strava flyby not working are surprised it s...

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