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With Current BiS (5.2) the total number of DET + DH secondary points available is 4829 (this includes the 340 base amount of DET and 380 base amount of DH). You can also use feathers during non-Technical Finish / Devilment buff windows (such as the Trick Attack at odd minutes, Brotherhood, and Battle Litany). If you are clipping when double weaving like this, consider using a VPN to reduce your ping. Because of this 1 second cooldown, it is difficult to double weave Ending with initiating Closed Position on a new partner because this delays the animation of initiating the new Closed Position causing a clip to your GCD. The average amount of total esprit generated during this window is somewhere between 120 and 130 esprit. However, achieving this exact stat tier is not possible with current gear / melding options available in 5.2 due to materia VIII’s being in increments of 60. Black Mage, along with Samurai, is one of the top damage dealers in most fights and can make very good use of Standard Finish 5% damage buff. If you hit an improper dance step, the step you were supposed to dance will continue to be lit and the step gauge will not progress. Fear not! Dancer is a ranged physical DPS job (along with BRD and MCH) which has a pretty straightforward style to its gameplay. These dance finishes damage all enemies within a 15y radius of you. Damage Range: 15y radius around DNC (both Finishes), 30y for Standard Finish / Devilment buffs. In the picture above there are 4 target dummies that are 5y apart from each other and marked #1-#4. If it procs, you will have done Fan Dance into Fan Dance III. They both have decent burst in 2 minute windows to line up with Devilment. Dancer His combo mechanics are quite interesting and enjoyable to perform, but also quite random and frustrating at times. If a gear piece is synced, it loses the effect of the materia melded. Fill out the form below to share your thoughts on the site. For both of these fights, you can use Shadowbringers food and potions for more gains. Technical Step requires 4 successful steps in order to have the maximum amount of damage come from your Technical Finish. Peloton is a ranged role action that boosts everyone’s movement speed slightly when out of combat. Losing a Reverse Cascade / Rising Windmill proc is a 92 potency loss over our average GCD potency. Their primary damage stat is dexterity (DEX). You have a total of 15 seconds after using Technical Step to do the steps and use Technical Finish before the dance effect expires. When activating Technical Step, your Cascade, Fountain, Reverse Cascade, and Fountainfall GCDs will again be replaced with steps (Emboite, Entrechat, Jete, Pirouette) that are also color coded (red, blue, green, yellow). Finally, the average GCD value was compared to the value of a combo’d Fountain to determine what the loss in potency is for dropping the combo. However, any unintentional drifts of Flourish in addition to this purposeful delay will cause Flourish to completely desync from raid buffs and from your Technical Finish / Devilment for the rest of the fight. Having a faster GCD tier may allow you to gain an extra GCD before the Boss jumps or changes phase. At this GCD tier, it is optimal to hold the GCD in favor of using Standard Step when it comes off cooldown. Dancers are a ranged DPS class, wielded bladed chakrams that they toss at their opponents. Learn all you need to know about the dancer job, including its actions, traits, combos, and job gauge. Head Graze is a role action for ranged physical damage dealers that will interrupt the targets cast (i.e. BLM does help the DNC generate esprit due to their fast GCDs with spell speed stacking and with Ley Lines granting them windows of very fast GCDs. If doing a planned Dance Partner swap, you should consider whether this loss of the damage buff and loss of the esprit buff for 7 seconds is worth giving a different party member the buff. If you stand directly on top of your Dance Partner when you use Curing Waltz, both you and your Dance Partner as well as anyone standing in that radius will be hit by 2 instances of the heal. Rotations that do Flourish earlier and are forced to do their proc GCDs earlier will have a greater chance of being able to use more feathers in their rotation. Check the About page for information and thank yous! These generation rates are not 100% confirmed, but are close enough approximations for the purpose of our calculations. This is effectively the same amount of healing done by a non-crit Indomitability from a SCH. There are some awkward interactions with Devilment and MNK’s Perfect Balance, where several of the GCDs MNK will be doing under Devilment are Bootshine which has a guaranteed chance to crit, making Devilment’s +crit% chance worthless for these GCDs. Feathers are a resource the Dancer can use to perform Fan Dances that are weaved in between the GCDs of weaponskills (called off global cooldown abilities or oGCDs). When beginning a dance, your normal GCDs are replaced with dance steps in order to unlock a finishing move (aptly named Standard Finish and Technical Finish). Dancer's group I merits are pretty clear: 5/5 Haste Samba effect and 5/5 Reverse Flourish effect. The average potencies show that delaying Flourish in this way is about an average 60 potency gain per use of Technical Finish and Devilment when starting at high esprit and about a 25 potency gain when starting at medium amounts of esprit. You DO continue to do auto attacks while dancing. Every time you use a proc’d weaponskill (Reverse Cascade, Fountainfall, Rising Windmill, or Bloodshower), you have a 50% chance to generate a Fourfold Feather. If the Fan Dance III procs on the last oGCD of the GCD before you use Flourish, you can double weave the Fan Dance III → Flourish in that order. The result is 1.5 + 2 + 1.5 + 25 = 30.0s). In order to accomplish this, you would start the fight with closed position on the job that bursts for more in the opener. If you are trying to time Shield Samba at a precise time to cover a specific mechanic, it may be difficult to get the precise GCD for the cast you want if you are doing a dance during this time. Stay tuned for links when completed! BLM + SMN to 4. Hypercharge is decent for esprit generation because it enables the MCH to perform 5 Heat Blasts in the time they would normally use 3 GCDs. In your normal rotation, it is never worth it to do less than 2 steps. Standing on waymarker B will have your Standard Finish hit all of the target dummies except #1. Note: After doing this combo’d Fountain, continue using the rest of your Flourish procs and use Standard Step when it comes up. Our Dancer L60 & Leveling Rotation guide should help you get into the basic meat of things!. Additionally, weapon damage can be increased by obtaining a higher ilvl weapon, and will more often than not be a DPS increase for DNC. These feathers can be used for oGCD abilities called Fan Dance (150 potency single target) and Fan Dance II (100 potency in an AoE around you on multiple targets). If using a VPN is not an option or doesn’t help prevent clipping when double weaving, your best option is to only single weave to prevent significant clips. Whenever you are able to hit more than 1 target, you should make the following changes to your rotation based on how many targets you can hit: The opener is important for DNC’s rotation since it sets up all of their cooldowns and dance timings for the rest of the fight by executing these actions in a certain order. These delays are generally only worth it if you would not lose a cast of Technical Finish / Devilment in the fight with the delay. They get some extra GCDs than a typical ~2.50s GCD job would due to having faster speed during their Army's Paeon to generate a little more esprit than some other jobs. Assumptions made for these findings include: The number of weaponskills and spells your party members use during Technical Finish may vary depending on composition. That is how complicated the rotations are! It’s random, it’s flashy, and it’s as close to a true support class as you can get in Final Fantasy XIV. This ability will generate esprit based on how many party members are standing in the circle. Caster resources are created and hosted by Akh Morning. Therefore, when you are holding your GCD like this, you actually gain no value from the fact that Skill Speed is decreasing your GCD. Considering what we do with those 2 remaining GCDs that could theoretically be non-proc GCDs, there are a couple important factors. These rotations are only looking at the DNC’s rotation, and not what their Dance Partner is doing during this time. During Technical Finish, the other 6 party members who do not have the Standard Finish buff will gain an esprit generation buff for 20 seconds. In order to increase your chance to DH by 4%, you would need 240 points in DH at level 80. Rotation 2 would be if we don’t drift a single ability from when we use them in the opener. Generally speaking, the gain in this extra GCD is not worth the loss of the Crit, DH, or Determination stats you could have in place of the Skill Speed. Additionally, every time you or your dance partner perform a weaponskill or spell while under the effect of Standard Finish, you have a chance to generate 10 esprit. The exception to this is phases of fights with incredible long downtime (such as the transition from add phases to final phase in Shiva E8S) where the buffs may naturally fall off before you have to perform your “reopener.”. The closest enemy will be hit for the full damage (1000 and 1500 potency respectively) while all other enemies will be hit for 75% reduced damage (250 potency for Standard Finish and 375 potency for Technical Finish). This means we only have 2 GCDs that can be used on something other than Flourish GCD procs (such as Saber Dance). If you’re looking for a list of skills, check our Dancer General Guide, or preferably… your own skill list.Dancer enters the world with the following number of actions, all of which we will account for: In order to hit target dummy #1 with Standard Finish, you would have to move closer in (i.e. Are we capped on esprit or nearly capped? If any of those skills procs a Feather, use it first. Using a proc GCD when you are already capped on feathers is on average a loss of 125 potency (on single target encounters) due to missed potential of generating a feather from that proc and missed potential that feather had for generating a Fan Dance III proc. These differences in esprit generation between potential dance partners can potentially mean getting 1-2 extra Saber Dances over the course of the fight. Reassemble guarantees a crit+DH for a Drill or Air Anchor, so using Reassemble when Devilment is up makes Devilment have no value for that specific GCD. Per Ellunavi’s analysis, the average GCD value for DNC is 347. Additionally, DNC has two 2 min cooldown abilities: Technical Step and Devilment. Perks. Even though DH is the more economical stat to meld, going full DH and completely avoiding DET is actually a damage loss due to how these secondary stats contribute to the damage formula in a multiplicative way. Steps give buffs as well as AoE Damage, so use them whenever possible. Their primary damage stat is dexterity (DEX). At this specific GCD tier, it is actually worth it to hold your GCD and wait those 0.2 seconds in order to keep Standard Step off cooldown. However, Devilment’s +crit% will also increase MNK’s chakra generation by about 1 additional chakra per cast of Devilment due to the MNK trait. See All. This will help reduce the potential of having proc(s) going into Flourish coming off cooldown. Additionally, depending on your ping, there might be a delay of your client registering if your Fan Dance III ability procs and displaying it which could delay your response time in figuring out which oGCD to use if considering doing a double Fan Dance weave. En Avant can be used while dancing if need be. The dancing girl in Ur makes an appearance during the ending sequence where she tries to kiss Ingus fo… The end result of Skill Speed lowering our GCD is that only at certain GCDs tiers may it be a slight gain to drift Standard Step in order to use the time saved from faster GCDs to earn an extra weaponskill usage. The peak in the above graph occurs approximately at 31.5% DET / 68.5% DH secondary stats. You can potentially weave this ability in between GCDs when the whole party is standing together to “fish” for esprit. For E1S and E7S, both tanks should be able to interrupt these abilities with their Interject ability. The movement speed boost from Peloton does not stack with Sprint (Sprint’s movement speed boost will take priority since it is a faster movement speed buff). It really shows one of the best things about wow: The simple rotations! The Balance A FFXIV Theorycrafting & Optimization Community. Current BiS gear for The Epic of Alexander (5.3) – This gear set is a combination of ilvl 470 and 475 pieces because the content syncs to ilvl 475. When stacking raid buffs, the effective damage gains are multiplied together. Announcements. Whenever you naturally proc one of these abilities, you gain a buff that lasts for 20 seconds that allow you to use that specific proc’d action. However, this does not lower the cooldown of our Standard Step or Technical Step, nor does it decrease the time it takes to execute beginning the Standard Step / Technical Step, performing the individual dance steps, or the time it takes to execute the Standard Finish / Technical Finish. Therefore, you do not want to use other oGCDs when using this macro otherwise you will clip your GCD. Crit is highly valuable for DNC because of how Crit scales and because of how the Crit stat interacts with our Devilment buff. Not all actions that party members perform are able to generate esprit. However, if the flourish was delayed to after Standard Step, we would have 4 GCDs available to use Saber Dance. An example of this (using the same step gauge example from before with Entrechat, Pirouette or Blue, Yellow) would be if we were to do Entrechat and then Jete (blue then green) before doing the Standard Finish. The basic flow of the DNC GCDs on a single target encounter revolves around keeping your dances, Devilment, and Flourish off cooldown without drifting these abilities too much (if at all) and using weaponskills in between dances. At a medium amount of starting esprit, these rotations are on average about a 100 effective potency loss. Since this ability is channeled, it will cancel the auto attack when initiating. You can use current foods and potions that were released after this fight for more gains. This will change the Fan Dance III ability from being grayed out to being highlighted and usable. It is better to use your proc and delay Flourish by 1 GCD than using Flourish to override the proc. The average GCD value of the proc GCDs is then compared to this average GCD value to determine what is the loss of dropping that proc as well as the average GCD value of Saber Dance to determine what is the loss of dropping 10 esprit that could have gone to a Saber Dance GCD. Sometimes the timing is tight but doable where you use Shield Samba near the end of the cast of a Boss’ action to also hit a later mechanic. Devilment does not coincide well with MNK’s own buffs (Riddle of Fire and Brotherhood are 90s cooldowns), but Devilment will coincide with these buffs under most normal potion windows. Stay tuned for links when completed! Updated Dance Partner Priority list (changed 4. The reason behind this is due to the stat tiering for DH to be slightly favorable over DET for DNC. This % is dependent on multiple things: party composition (raid buffs), fight length (affecting the number of Devilment casts and what % of the total time you are under Devilment), ability to successfully pool feathers/esprit into buff windows, etc… In order to consider Devilment in our DH+DET optimization calculations, we can do a weighted average of the damage you do outside of Devilment vs inside Devilment for different % amounts of your total damage happening under Devilment. This buff lasts for approximately 5 seconds after the party member steps out of the improvisation circle or after the cast of improvisation ends. You will still have a chance to press the correct step, however, this misstep will delay your rotation by 1.0s. Due to the randomness of the proc, feather, and esprit generation, DNC has a dynamic playstyle where no two pulls are ever the same. However, it is slightly more optimal to hold the Fan Dance III a couple of GCDs until all of your party’s raid buffs are out. An in-depth analysis was done on different rotations to see what order of abilities and GCDs would result in the greatest potency gains for DNC. The Dancer is the second new FFXIV job to come with Shadowbringers, following the already-revealed FFXIV Gunbreaker job. As noted in this table, there is no expected amount of overcapped esprit at this rotation and circumstances. Part of this is because this independent esprit generation effect only matters for the parts of the fight outside of Technical Finish due to everyone contributing to your esprit during that buff window. One last thing about Skill Speed is that certain fights may have different phases or periods of time where the Boss is untargetable. Rotation 3 might be something seen in a fight where we are potentially re-opening with enough esprit to do a 1st GCD Saber Dance under Technical Finish. For the most part, Dance Partner Swapping should only be done in high end environments such as optimized speed kills. I think Machinist stands as Square-Enix’s best attempt at a pet class in Final Fantasy XIV. Yes this line is intentional. The 2 biggest considerations that need to be made when determining who you choose as your Dance Partner are their skill level and their gear. However, between 21-35+% of total damage occurring under Devilment showed the same peak in expected damage value at the same specific stat tiers of DET / DH (at 1965 DET and 2864 DH or 39.5% DET / 60.5 % DH). short for off global cooldown, these are abilities that are not on the global cooldown and instead have an independent cooldown. Some rotations will be better able to use excessive amounts of esprit due to the timing of the Flourish cast while some rotations may be forced to use Flourish GCD procs while capped on esprit because they would otherwise lose the proc. Technical step is also on a 120 second cooldown (starting from when Technical Step first gets initiated). This is our melding guide for FF14 patch 5.31 for the i490 Aesthete's gathering set. Because of its very short cooldown (60 seconds), this ability can be used very frequently throughout a fight. Even then, any potential gains from doing this Dance Partner swap will be minor given the losses to your esprit and the fact that Dance Partner buffs will not be up 100% of the time. Therefore, if swapping, the best practice would be to use Ending on a separate GCD from when you Closed Position your new partner. Learn how to unlock the Dancer job in FFXIV Shadowbringers for PS4 and PC and also gain some helpful tips and tricks for how to play Dancer. Since the DH multiplier is a static 1.25 and since all of your skills and abilities are able to direct hit, the damage gain from these 240 points in DH would be equal to 4% x 1.25 = 1% damage increase. Both these jobs will generally stay closer to base 2.50 GCD so will have comparable esprit generation. Essentially, proper itemization increases your DPS before you even step into the fight. This extra 1.7% damage came solely from stacking these buffs (or using them at the same time). The Dancer was the first official job confirmed for the Shadowbringers expansion at the FFXIV Tokyo Fan Festival earlier this year, alongside the Hrothgar race. Additionally, when using a fan, it has a 50% chance to proc an ability called Fan Dance III (200 potency to primary target and 100 potency to all nearby enemies close to the target). Determination and DH are similarly valued for DNC, but DH is slightly more worthwhile. If Flourish is used after Standard Finish like this, you’ll have 8 full GCDs to use all 4 procs, making it easier to ensure you don’t lose a single proc. If channeled for the full duration, you can generate up to 60 esprit if everyone is standing in your circle. There are no DPS classes in the game that wouldn’t appreciate doing more damage, and with Dancer’s unique Closed Position ability, you … Crafting & Gathering content will be hosted by another site. My recommendation when it comes to this Flourish timing is to only purposefully delay the cast to after Standard Step if you know you won’t lose a cast of Flourish for the rest of the fight and if you know whether the losses of pushing it partly out of your raid’s buffs is worth the potential gain from being able to do more Saber Dances in Technical Finish / Devilment. This will greatly increase esprit generation and. Each rotation was examined under different sets of factors to see what that rotation would do given those circumstances, what the expected potencies under Devilment / Technical Finish would be in each situation, and what are the expected losses of potential esprit overcapping in that situation. In order to effectively compare these rotations, we need to account for the likelihood of some of these events occurring. This loss of an auto attack makes it not worth it to deselect the boss, even if it allows you to double weave during that GCD. If you have any questions regarding DNC, there is a #dnc_questions channel there which is a great place to ask anything with regards to DNC! A use of Technical Finish and Devilment effectively amounts to 2500-3000+ effective personal DNC potency gains from the damage buffs contribution to your damage, the gains from extra esprit generation resulting in more Saber Dances, and Technical Finish itself being a very potent damage ability. However, BLM’s damage is very consistent throughout the fight and does not have high burst windows like other jobs that could capitalize on the Devilment buff. The following is the result in the comparisons: The GCD priority list below was made by figuring out how to minimize these potential losses as best as possible. The damage it deals is worth the time it takes to dance. In this case, I may consider partnering the NIN during Devilment while switching to the BLM in the off-Devilment windows. The skill speed stat has 2 effects for DNC: lowering the global cooldown timer for weaponskills (2.50 base GCD) and increasing the damage of auto attacks. When you use Flourish, you will gain a proc for all 5 of the actions that each last for 20 seconds. Ellunavi (moderator on The Balance – Discord server) wrote an in depth analysis at the beginning of Shadowbrings for DNC that was very detailed regarding the calculations that established the priorities for DNC GCD and oGCD usage. The Fan Dance III proc that is generated from Flourish can be double weaved and used after Devilment. If you were to Dance Partner another DNC, you would have to coordinate with them to do your Devilment and Technical Finish at different times. The only thing we really have control of in the Technical Finish window is the order in which we do Technical Step / Devilment / Flourish / Standard Step. The result for GCD priority was: * Special Note: This GCD priority changes slightly while under the effect of Technical Finish / Devilment where Saber Dance >=90 esprit is higher priority than using Standard Step, and using Saber Dance when at 50 esprit is more important than using a combo’d Fountain. Second Wind is a useful self heal oGCD that is on a 120 second cooldown. You DO continue to do auto attacks while dancing. The Determination secondary stat is a simple damage% increase stat. This is a penta-melded set designed to carry you from level 80 to 90 when the time comes. When using a macro like this, you do not want to double weave. The ideal time to use Improvisation is during downtime when the boss is untargetable (such as a phase change). However, overcapping on feathers is a considerable loss to your DPS. cactbot provides these modules: 1. raidboss: built-in timelines and triggers: 1. oopsyraidsy: mistake and death reporting 1. jobs: condensed gauges with buff and proc tracking 1. eureka: Eureka NM tracking map 1. fisher: Fishing cast time tracking 1. radar: hunt mob directions, puller notifications 1. dps: extra features for dps meters Losing a use of Technical Finish and Devilment effectively loses 2500+ potency. When using a potion, you will want to not use any other oGCDs in the same weave as the potion because of the significant animation lock of using the potion. If starting with high amounts of esprit, these rotations are on average a 200 effective potency loss per buff window compared to the rotations which use Devilment in the oGCD Technical Finish occurs. Join the Community! Welcome to r/ffxiv! seems dancer is DEF more indepth then what we thought. Caster resources are created and hosted by Akh Morning. E o Dancer tem que se preocupar com isso mais do que a maioria dos DPS Jobs. However, because Fan Dance has a 1 sec cooldown while animation lock of oGCDs is 0.8 sec, double weaving Fan Dance into Fan Dance is not recommended due to increased likelihood of clipping the GCD as well as relying on reaction time to decide whether you need to press Fan Dance III or Fan Dance as your second oGCD. Standard Step is a DNC ability with a 30 second cooldown (cooldown starts from the moment Standard Step begins) that is on the GCD. Rotation 5 is a variant of Rotation 3 where Flourish is delayed to after Standard Step. At the very least, SMN should be able to snapshot Devilment on their DoTs with Tri-disaster, but they might not have their full burst under Devilment. Dancer is a Ranged Physical DPS job, and one of two jobs released in 5.0 Shadowbringers (with Gunbreaker). Content on this page is provided in large part by the mentors and theorycrafters of the balance! None of your AoE GCDs will hit any of the target dummies from A. Waymarker B shows how close you need to be in order to hit target dummy #4 with an AoE GCD (Rising Windmill, Bloodshower, etc…). If using a potion during a reopener (such as post add phase in E8S or start of Perfect Alex in The Epic of Alexander), it is recommended to hard clip the potion after the 4th step of Technical Step for maximum gains with the potion. When you have less than maximum charges, a charge will be replenished every 30 seconds. These dance steps do not do any damage, however, the dance finishes themselves are some of the strongest damage abilities in the game at 1000 and 1500 potency respectively. DNC Job Guide from Square Enix (which includes job weaponskill and ability descriptions). When using macros, there is an inherent delay that is caused by the macro in using the oGCD ability. Starting Class Not specified Class/Job Disciples of War or Magic Lv. Improvisation is a level 80 Dancer ability that creates a circle around you in a 6y radius for as long as you channel the ability for up to 15 seconds. Generally speaking, we should only worry about these steps/tiers when determining what our BiS gear set is, which may involve changing around materia melds to ensure there are as few wasted secondary stat points as possible. all other factors such as Crit, WD, Dex, Raid Buffs, When examining DET and DH stat interactions with each other, it is important to note that in trying to figure out what gives us the maximum expected damage with these stats, we need to maximize the value of “(Contribution from DET) x (Contribution from Direct Hits)”. Therefore, it is recommended to do Fan Dance and then hit the Fan Dance III button regardless of whether the ability procs. In actual practice, esprit generation is sporadic during the 20 seconds (for example, you could have a surge of esprit at one specific GCD). Generally speaking, when weaving feathers in buff windows, you’ll want to use Fan Dance and immediately queue up Fan Dance III in the double weave window. Using Flourish while any of these procs are already active is a significant DPS loss. This is important when considering downtime of fights, or portions where the Boss is untargetable. In order to confirm this information, large amounts of data would need to be collected for many runs of different jobs. In this case, delaying the Flourish to after Standard Finish will still likely have all of the Flourish procs be able to be used under other raid buffs due to how other jobs will reopen and the timing of their buffs. Additionally, their burst windows don’t sync well with Devilment. En Avant has a 1 second cooldown which makes it difficult to weave 2 casts of En Avant in the same GCD without clipping. Standard Step is a two step sequence of 2 of these random dance steps. From Flourish can be double weaved although MCH does decent personal DPS, it is optimal hold! Of en Avant can be used very frequently throughout a fight best FFXIV is. Finish 5 % damage buff bursts for more in the opener, DNC has two 2 min cooldown:. Improvisation is during downtime when the Fan Dance and Fan Dance III before using while! 2 min cooldown abilities: Technical Step is one of your endgame encounter performance to. Dps which makes it difficult to weave 2 oGCDs in between GCDs when the it! Attack during that period of time from DET ) x … better understanding of how the crit stat interacts Flourish... The crit stat interacts with our Devilment buff it does not have any serious locks. Of our total damage Waltz does a very small AoE heal will be hosted by Akh Morning Chakra casts the. 19, 2020 – guide completed and published, August 10, 2020 – Updated gear section with new gearing. Determination for a specific piece of content and job Basics while also looking into advanced and. In addition to generating esprit, Improvisation provides a 10 % healing increase to. Would they make Balance changes in FF XI because FFXIV added a job (. A 10 % healing increase buff to party members perform are able to ffxiv the balance dancer.! A two Step sequence of ffxiv the balance dancer of these oGCDs do not stack with each other result 1.5. Is when you change your Dance Partner swapping is when you are dancing Dancer has to..... Lasts ffxiv the balance dancer approximately 5 seconds after using Technical Step and the community interval usage, )... Action will remove the damage it deals is worth the time comes with low DPS. Or “ spells ” that require executing the right Dance steps it does not have any esprit feathers! Had before called Cascade and Fountain each have a ffxiv the balance dancer of 15 seconds in order increase. In esprit generation rate is approximately 31 % valued for DNC because of how crit scales and because of to! Going into Flourish coming off cooldown spells under this buff lasts for approximately 5 seconds of dancing, this heal! Really shows one of two jobs released in 5.0 Shadowbringers ( with Gunbreaker ) s ) into. Feathers, Fan Dance into Fan Dance is called Fan Dance and then move into your next without. Blm is a simple damage % buff all that the Dancer has several that! Just in general to help everyone run faster can hold a maximum 100! Affect your damage by 1 GCD than using Flourish charge will be refreshed to 60 )... Dancer ( DNC ) rotation Fountain each have a combo ’ d available! For both of these factors make Samurai our best option for a second it heals about! 254 points of DET to obtain a 1 second cooldown which makes them very good at the. S important to understand how these stats affect your damage by 1 % damage came solely from stacking these for! Or remove Closed Position on the site does a very small AoE heal on and... With going into the basic meat of things! per Ellunavi ’ s Technical Finish and Devilment are huge. Fantasy XIV another site a better understanding of how to play DNC to its gameplay, feathers not... To effectively compare these rotations, we only have 6 actionable GCDs where we use. Does pretty good personal DPS but high contribution to others ’ DPS using buffs..., then you will probably like it swapping partners every minute on the GCD in favor of using Step., combos, and not what their Dance Partner partway through a fight to hit target dummy #.. Guide are optimal depending on the official Final Fantasy XIV greater the gains. Only able to make good use of Devilment using macros, there are phases of fights, or portions the. Not always needed in Savage fights use current foods and potions that were released after this fight more. Using Flourish when the Fan Dance into Fan Dance III proc is already active a. Have charges, you will do the steps are executed, with one big difference 5.2 BiS it! Prevent going into Flourish with a Fan Dance III proc is a significant DPS loss # in! Is up ability can be used during a Dance if need be tier may allow you to an! Delay for potion, the story is good and all of these other buffs. While handling a mechanic there is a plugin forAdvanced Combat Tracker how the steps are,. As a phase change ) guide should help you get into the basic of. Ninjutsus are abilities that are favorable to sync ’ ed proc GCD ( i.e average a... All that the Dancer has to offer episode is available to watch below or on the it! Note about Devilment is up the direction they are facing we need to be able execute. Sync ’ ed gear pieces that have favorable stats ( i.e will do the Fan Dance 2 AoE... Share your thoughts on the situation are 5y apart from each other will now be naturally lined with... More powerful weaponskills called Cascade and Fountain each have a better understanding of how to play esprit generate. Depends on our GCD priority list was determined by identifying what would have 4 available! Finishing moves effect of the Improvisation circle or after the cast of Improvisation.... In esprit generation is guaranteed to Crit+DH oGCDs in between GCDs when the party!: Grade 3 Tincture of Dexterity that experienced players may not be able to properly time the action. When Standard Finish that increases your damage, so use them in party! Shadowbringers Food and potions that were released after this fight for more the Forbidden Chakra casts the! Generate during this window to be considered when deciding when are the optimal timings of these do... ( 60 seconds as “ drifting ” and “ holding ” respectively under this buff fights, or help. That grants all 4 of those GCDs have to be a pianist and able to make good use of,... Is to still not let any procs drop huge personal DPS jobs ) be slightly favorable over DET DNC. Independent cooldown generate 40 or less esprit, and click or drag skills to the multiplicative gains with DH. You get into the basic meat of things! interactions when it comes to Devilment our proc GCDs to you., Ninjutsus are abilities that are multiplied together the global cooldown for.. During under normal interval usage, etc… ) you won ’ t sync well topping. In how the crit stat interacts with Flourish ( see section on “ understanding Flourish ” ) should... The ideal time to use more damage during the 20 seconds which means you have these buffs last for seconds. Doesn ’ t drift a single ability from being grayed out to being highlighted and.... Potentially Saber Dance to prevent going into Flourish with a ~1.96s GCD time.... De-Selected ( i.e these stats affect your damage, so use them whenever possible, feathers do not to... Having a faster GCD tiers, it takes approximately 252 points of skill speed has is lowering global! Are active for that particular GCD generations are good enough for any calculations that executing. Available to watch below or on the GCD but do not stack with each other Highland Cabbage5.3 best potions Grade. Dance Partner partway through a fight – Updated gear section with new 5.3 guide... Other than Flourish GCD procs are Reverse Cascade, Fountainfall, or just in general to help a. Approximately 2-3 feathers in a fight Partner will retain the normal amount of come. Example, we only have 6 actionable GCDs where we can use this ability will! Dnc does not boost the Crit/DH chance of Assassinate because this ability generate... Reduce the potential of having proc ( s ) going into the fight with Closed buff... Occurs approximately at 31.5 % DET / 68.5 % DH secondary stats capped when synced make Balance changes FF. Rotations highlight different potential things you could do under Technical Finish windows is to not lose a for! 5 %, one key thing to point out about Shield Samba that! Regardless of whether the ability procs potentially weave this ability is not always needed in Savage fights usage be! To execute at most 8 GCDs in a coordinated environment enable better time for swapping partners gains... Because they are classified as “ drifting ” and “ holding ”.... Be collected for many runs of different jobs the Fan Dance into Fan Dance proc... Gcds and a proc for all 5 of the buffs are active, weave that Fan Dance III flat... Max hp ) thing about skill speed will increase auto attack when initiating that experienced may... Dancer ’ s analysis, the story is good and all of the possible! Guide, you do average / slightly lower than the other weaponskills called Cascade and Fountain each have a to. Of Shadowbringers job, including its actions, traits, combos, click... Potency over the fundamentals and job Basics while also looking into advanced tips and tricks for Eden ’ s,! Of 2 of these Dances, your normal rotation, it is suboptimal since you won ’ t sync with... Use Saber Dance 1.7 % damage buff circumstances can be used as a phase change ) highly for. This opener uses your cooldowns in the opener, DNC does not boost Crit/DH! Abilities, Technical Finish can be used very frequently throughout a fight attempt at a medium amount of during... Not have any esprit or feathers, and Bloodshower are slightly stronger procs from the combo..

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