Timeshare Presentations and Beach Volleyball Games

Beach Volleyball at Timeshare Resorts

In just about any television show or movie that is going to show a busy and fun beach setting where young people are having a great time, you will see at least one vigorous game of volleyball being played on that beach. Volleyball has always been a fun sport to watch. But watching it played on the beach is even more fun if for nothing else than it tends to be played by gorgeous, well toned people wearing swim suits.  One of the most popular sites when touring timeshare presentations is the beach volleyball section.  You will find this is a main attraction for non and active players, because all member of the family can play this game and enjoy the friendly competition.

One thing that jumps out when you see organized competitive versions of this sport is that this variation of volleyball is many times played with fewer players. It isn’t uncommon to see a very competitive game of volleyball being played on the beach with only 2-3 players on each side. For one thing, the “courts” that are marked out in the sand on the beach for volleyball are usually a little smaller. And because the surface underneath is soft and not as intimidating for diving, beach players of volleyball exhibit much more aggressive dives and movements to save a play or make the score. If you want to see some competitive action then just drive down the coast of Florida or take advantage of timeshare presentations to stay at a resort and watch some of the private action in a luxury community.


The other differences from the volleyball we grew up playing in gym and the style we seen played on beaches is that there is actually a different kind of ball used for this version of volleyball that is smaller and softer than the conventional ball. Stylistically, you commonly see exchanges occur in a beach setting where each team sets and spikes followed by set and spike from the opposition team. This type of volleys can go on for some time because the ball is conducive to spiking and the players and the court encourage heroic saves and sets.

You also see differences in the way the teams are organized and work together when the beach variety of volleyball is underway. Three important rules differences encourage this. One is that the players do not have to rotate for each rotation. This means if you have a player who can send a killer serve over the net, you can leave him or her in that spot for the entire game. Secondly, players almost always play barefoot which is unheard of in conventional volleyball. And thirdly, it is allowable to be in the net or even go under the net to make a save when in a beach game as long as you do not interfere with the opposing teams play.  One resort I recommend is the BOcean Resort for timeshare presentations because you will see the several volleyball courts on the beach for their guest and public pedestrians.

The result is a fast paced and intense version of volleyball that is very athletic and movement oriented. Beach players commonly dive for saves and move quickly to bring the ball into play. To play the game well, being in shape is a must. But if you love the game, it is also a great motivation to get in good shape so you don’t mind being on display in your Speedo or bikini putting on a volleyball exhibition the next time you go to the beach.

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