Rehab Centers

Rehab Centers

What is rehab like? The following article gives you a sense of what may happen during a typical day in rehab.

What Is a Day Like at a Rehab Center?


Many kinds of substance abuse treatment programs and facilities exist. However, most of them follow a standard framework of therapies. Inpatient treatment centers tend to be rather highly structured and organized places. This lets the patients know what they can expect from their program. Daily activities may vary from location to location, but here is an overview of what you can likely expect to happen throughout the day:


Morning Activities

You shouldn’t plan to do a lot of sleeping in at the New Orleans drug rehab centers. You will wake up early to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Some programs will offer yoga or meditation classes to aid you in starting the day with a relaxed mind. It’s important to remember that part of your treatment regimen will be focused on developing new healthy habits that you can continue in post-rehab life.


At many rehab centers, a group session led by a counselor or therapist is held after breakfast. This session will typically focus on subjects related to addiction and the recovery process. The 12-step program may be discussed during the sessions as well.


A lot of the focus in treatment surrounds the things in your life that have fueled the need to abuse drugs or alcohol. Meetings and therapy sessions held throughout the day can aid you in figuring out how to recognize damaging patterns of behavior. You will soon be able to handle yourself in the post-treatment environment.


Afternoon Treatment

The middle of the day is usually set aside for the most intensive period of treatment. After you eat a healthy lunch, it is time to start a series of therapeutic sessions. These often include:


  • Individual behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy


Evening Treatment

After eating dinner, there may be another short group session. Usually, a 12-step program is offered in the evenings before residents go to bed at a reasonable hour so that they are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that come with a new day.


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