Customer Relationship Marketing for Timeshare Promotions

Relationship Marketing for Timeshare Presentation

As Business competition has heated up, obtaining feedback and following up on it in order to improve customer service have become essential to survival.  An example is, surveys of female business travelers led Wyndham Hotels to add library-style pubs for afterwork drinks.  Hotels and cruise lines often use guest comment cards and surveys online to obtain feedback from their customers; then they can adjust their services based on that feedback.  To encourage their customers to participate in surveys, airlines and car rental companies award bonus points to frequent flyers or frequent renters who complete the surveys.

However the most effective way to market for timeshare promotions is for the major hotel chains such as Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt to capture their guest information and offer them a membership discount by offering points to frequent hotel stays.  This information is captured and somewhere in the small print it mentions that you agree to be contacted for promotional offers or discounts, which could be for timeshare presentation deals for one of their affiliated companies.  Of course the ultimate up sale is to have you become an owner and this could be beneficial depending on how you and your family travel.


Information from surveys can be easily collected, sorted, resorted, analyzed, and retrieved rapidly thanks to computerized databases.  With a sophisticated database of a travel agency’s clients, for example, you might select the names of all clients who (1) live in a zip code of the most affluent people, (2) have recently flown overseas, and (3) are interested in winter sports and then put these names on a mailing list to receive information about European ski resorts.  This is a simple example of customer relationship marketing.  Using the information gathered and compiled in a database system, businesses contact customers with promotions and services that match their clients preferences and interest. The focus is on serving their clients needs while building relationships rather than making individual sales.

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