Costume Jewelry Necklaces Direct Marketing Strategies

Costume Jewelry Necklaces Marketing


Direct market strategies are different forms of advertising which are aimed at targeting the audience without the use of formal channels such as TV, print media or radio. With direct marketing strategies, the business communicates directly with the consumers by adopting various advertising techniques.  We have chosen a specific industry such as Costume Jewelry Necklaces as our primary product.  As you will find out there are different markets for each specific product.

One of the biggest benefits of using direct marketing strategies is that it provides statistical results. Itís easy to forecast and plan ahead based on this information. This will help achieve the overall marketing objectives.

Here are some popular direct marketing strategies that are used by businesses to attract consumers such as direct mail, email, telemarketing and couponing to mention a few. The direct mail uses letters or leaflets to promote the business. Telemarketing is done with the help of inbound and as well as outbound calls when a product or service is sold. Email is the most common form of direct marketing strategies used. Couponing is where coupons are used to advertise the product or service.

The most popular forms of direct marketing strategies are carried out through email. Since the number of email users is invariably increasing day by day, businesses regard email as ideal marketing strategies. Not only it is growing day by day, it’s relatively cheaper in comparison to other types of direct marketing strategies. Email direct marketing strategies need to be effective since as per a recent study done by the Direct Marketing Association lists that every dollar spent on emails will bring about $46 as revenue. At least 43% of email users regard email direct marketing strategies as spam. Last but not least at least 21% report direct email marketing strategies as spam even if they are aware that it may not be spam.

Since email is the most sought out direct marketing strategies, before sending emails to prospective clients you need to conduct a proper market research. This will help you to target the prospective customers.

Often many businesses who adopt email as a part of their direct marketing strategies make mistakes when sending emails. An unattractive subject line may not work in favor of the business. You need to come up with a catchy subject line so that customer will be curios enough to open up the email. Things to avoid are loud words, exclamation marks and jargon words. Instead use attractive catchy phrases that will create sales for you.  In industry of jewelry there many products to promote, but we chose to narrow our focus on a specific product such as costume jewelry necklaces, which are only directed for a more narrow target market.

One of those things to avoid when undertaking direct marketing strategies is to stop spamming the inbox of the recipient. Try to get legal mailing lists from companies. This help you stay out of trouble. Another common mistake that businesses make when adopting direct marketing strategies is that they do not build good relationship with the client.

Direct marketing strategies are effective if they are used properly and will bring about the desired sales.

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